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In an effort to provide targeted educational and networking opportunities to members, STAC has established a number of forums catering to various subsets of the trading community. These forums host events and online communities for members with similar interests to share information. If you are a STAC member and have an idea for a new forum, contact Sheila Gidley at the STAC office. She can be reached at 312.251.1441 or by contacting us here.
You must be a STAC member to join any of the online forums.

Buy Side Forum –STAC’s Buy Side Forum provides a platform to facilitate the discussion and sharing of ideas so buy side traders can help each other solve the problems they face for their firms both now and in the future. Email the STAC office at by contacting us here. if you are interested in joining the Buy Side Forum. You must be a STAC member and a buy side trader to qualify.

Women’s Collective - The STAC Women’s Collective is about recognition and empowerment. We seek to grow organizational membership and purview, while complimenting existing STAC core initiatives and values. By targeting this currently underrepresented group, STAC continues to increase its prominence as well as advance new opportunities for collaboration. Throughout the year, the Women's Collective will sponsor several events, introduce guest speakers, and highlight the achievements of women in finance. Join the Women’s Collective

Next Generation Outreach – STAC’s Next Generation Outreach Forum encourages security trading as a career option by educating students to career information and networking opportunities. Join the Next Generation Outreach Forum (You must be a student to qualify. Full time students can join STAC by paying dues in the form of community service, see our membership page for details.)